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Ultherapy Treatment: The Best Anti-Aging Non-Invasive Technique Today in Abu Dhabi

Published on : 22/Jul/2017
Ultherapy Treatment: The Best Anti-Aging Non-Invasive Technique Today in Abu Dhabi

Ultherapy Treatment in Abu Dhabi

Aging is a natural process with the lustrous, glowing skin beginning to show signs of wear and tear as you hit the 30s. Sadly, the face along with the neck tells the story with fine lines and wrinkles along with prominent sagging that take a toll on your beauty. Sure there are numerous anti-aging treatment available not only in the Western World but also in the middle East with Abu Dhabi being one of the top locations to opt for skin tightening and other anti aging treatments.

Getting under the knife as the popular term goes is often the best resort for conscious individuals who want to retain the lost glory of yester years. What if you happen to be scared of surgery though and do not want to wake up with bandages and swelling marring your complexion? No fear! There are others ways to have your cake and eat it though i.e. opting for a non-surgical non-invasive procedure that is hugely popular named Ultherapy.

The Ultherapy machine is considered to be one of the most powerful machines to reverse the effects of aging. While the loss of elastin and collagen of the skin cannot be made good, the machine makes use of the 'High Intensity Focused Ultrasound technique colloquially known as HIFU.


The Ulthera machine is believed to be 100% safe and is employed both for tightening as well as rejuvenation of the skin. Sure, you would need a trained technician along with a medical professional to be at the helm when the ultrasound waves are passed on the skin at a temperature of 60-70 degrees Centigrade. The depth needs to be absolutely right too as the proteins get denaturized prompting the skin to respond with a spurt of newly formed collagen that restores the lost elasticity of the aged skin.

The medicos also utilize the ultra sound imaging to check the tissues that need to be restored urgently. All this is possible thanks to the Ultherapy machine. Dr. Sherif Mattar Medical Centre situated in Al Maqta is one of the clinics that offers this high end skin tightening and rejuvenation treatment using state of the art Ultherapy equipment in Abu Dhabi.


The procedure does not require several extensive sessions though. A single Ultherapy treatment will do. The results become visible almost immediately in your freshly rejuvenated skin but the effects become more apparent after a few months go by when the collagen slowly begins to tighten the skin and reduce the wrinkles and fine lines. However, the professionals do recommend a second session for patients who are extremely advanced in age as the collagen production may not be sufficient enough to reverse the aging effects totally.

Post Procedure Care

The best possible outcome of this treatment is that you can continue to live your life the way you want without having to take any special care for your skin. However, using only quality products do help in retaining the fresh look of the skin. There are no side effects either apart from a bit of redness that subsides within 1-2 hours. While some sensitive individuals may complain of tenderness, it is a temporary and very mild that causes only a slight discomfort.