Thread Treatment in Abu Dhabi - Dr. Sherif Mattar

A thread facelift is safe and minimal invasive alternative procedure to traditional facelift surgeries. As this popular treatment is less invasive, it is done by people who experience early signs of ageing. Most commonly seen thread facelift treatments are for sagging jawline, neck and cheeks.

Procedure of Thread Facelift:

During this treatment, which often lasts one to two hours depending on the area to be treated, uses special clear thin threads that are inserted and attached to the tissue of the face skin and then pulled back to give a non sagging and flawless appearance to the skin. The clear threads are used to hold the re-positioned skin and facial tissue in place after surgery. As the threads used are clear, they reduce the traces of surgery making it almost unnoticeable.

Benefits of Thread Facelift Treatment:

- Completely safe
- Minimal side effects like bruising or swelling for 10 days
- Quick and easy surgery
- local anesthesia required or topical
- Rejuvenates skin
- Better alternative to full facelift surgery
- Quickest and safest solution for early ageing
- Can be used for face and neck as well

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