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Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment that is It is delivered via numerous micro injections into the middle layer of the skin also known as Mesoderm to reduce problem causing areas of the body such as cellulite, excess weight, body contouring, and face/neck rejuvenation, to name a few. The content mixture of the injection varies with each case based on the area to be treated as well as dosage. Mesotherapy also helps in reducing pain, and in replenishing hair loss in both men and women.

Mesotherapy For Face In Abu Dhabi :

Mesotherapy for the face is usually carried out by a roller that penetrates slightly into the Mesoderm to reduce face indication issues without causing much pain.
Face indications that are commonly reduced with Mesotherapy are :

- Large pores
- Dull pale face
- Hyper pigmentation
- Fine lines and wrinkles
- Skin laxity

Mesotherapy For Hair Loss In Abu Dhabi :

Scalp Mesotherapy is a popular treatment among many to reduce the effects of hair loss and is also termed as a long term cure for hair loss. This virtually painless treatment is completely safe when carried out by a professional and does not require any kind of local anaesthesia or dressing which makes it easier to undergo treatment without disturbing your personal or professional life. Mesotherapy is often termed as one of the most effective treatments that helps in hair rejuvenation and restoration as it is directed exactly on the hair follicle to neutralise the excess of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) and increase blood circulation around the area resulting in strong hair growth with drastic reduction in hair loss.

Mesotherapy is also used for replenishing hair growth in individuals who suffer from hair loss due to reasons such as:

- Hormone imbalance in and around the hair follicle
- Reduced blood circulation
- Lack of nutrients to support hair growth

Why Dr Sherif Mattar Medical Centre Is The Best Place For Mesotherapy Treatment In Abu Dhabi :

Dr. Sherif Mattar along with his highly skilled and experienced team provides the most optimum and efficient Mesotherapy treatment available in Abu Dhabi today. All Mesotherapy treatments for skin and hair are done using the latest equipment and methods like Dermastamp, Mesogun, Lipodissolve Injections to ensure accurate application in the required area resulting in faster treatment results. Anchored on the expertise and commitment of the founder, Dr. Sherif Mattar Medical Centre works with a constant mission to provide quality healthcare which meets the needs of every patient to guarantee 100% satisfaction each time.

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