Revlite Laser Skin Treatment in Abu Dhabi - Dark Spots, Acne scars, Toning

If you are looking for Revlite laser skin treatment in Abu Dhabi, then Dr Serif Mattar Medical Centre is the place to be. The Revlite treatment offered here is so gentle that most individuals can return to their regular activities right after treatment. Some temporary redness might appear immediately following the procedure, which clears within a few hours to a day after the procedure.

The Revite laser offers:

1. Skin Rejuvenation
2. Tattoo removal
3. Bleaching of fine hair
4. Treatment for pigmentation
5. Sun damage
6. Acne scar reduction on all skin types with integrated efficacy and comfort.

To know more on how Revlite laser can help your skin, kindly reach us on the above-mentioned details.

MOH approval no.: OX90162, valid till 12/01/2018

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