Fat Lipolysis Injections in Abu Dhabi - Treatment for Double Chin

Injection lipolysis is known to reduce the number of fat cells around the administered site. The chemical injected, known as deoxycholic acid helps in disrupting the fat cells. It generally used to treat and dissolve excessive fat in areas like double chin and large tummy.
This procedure needs to be done in 3-6 sessions, with every session taking half to one hour.


the medication is injected as a single treatment. The skin is pre-marked and then a specified dosage of this medication is injected in a grid pattern.
This treatment usually requires 3-6 sessions to see the final results.

Who is a good candidate for Injection Lipolysis?

- Candidates who wish to have a non-surgical approach for reducing the fat beneath the chin or on the stomach area.
- Patients who tend to have loose skin or poor skin tone may not be suitable for this procedure.

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MOH approval no.: OX90162, valid till 12/01/2018

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