Chemical Peel Skin Rejuvenation Treatment in Abu Dhabi

Chemical peel is a proven and effective method for skin rejuvenation. Dr. Sherif Mattar Medical Centre provide the best chemical peel skin rejuvenation in Abu Dhabi that helps in giving you fresher skin. During the procedure, an active solution is applied to the surface of the skin which causes the superficial layer and medium layer of the skin to peel off exposing a new layer of healthy undamaged skin, resulting in a healthier, plumper, tighter and smoother texture and a more even skin tone.

Chemical Peel Skin peels are suitable for various areas, including: face and other parts of the body.

Chemical Peel should be done if you have:

- wrinkles
- sun-damaged skin
- skin discolorations or brown spots
- scars and patchy skin
- certain precancerous skin growths

Here are some of the benefits of Chemical Peels:

During the treatment, a safe, non-toxic chemical solution is gently applied to the skin that slowly polishes or resurfaces the skin. This helps in removing the damaged top layers of the skin and stimulates new cell growth and collagen production to effectively reveal younger looking skin. The major benefits of chemical peel are:

- Your skin will be smoother and fresher looking
- Reduces signs of sun damage, uneven skin tone, scars, pigmentation, acne and pores
- Improves skin texture by eliminating dead and damaged skin cells
- Stimulates the growth of healthy skin cells and collagen, making the skin look brighter
- It is non-toxic and safe

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MOH approval no.: OX90162, valid till 12/01/2018

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