Dermal Fillers in Abu Dhabi - Wrinkle, Hand, Lip & Facial Fillers

Dermal filler treatment at Dr Sherif Mattar Medical Centre, Abu Dhabi helps in largely reducing wrinkles and other facial lines by restoring fullness and volume to the face making it a crucial part of face rejuvenation surgeries as well. Due to the natural ageing process, our faces naturally tend to lose fat and stretch, forming wrinkles on the skin. Due to this, smile lines and crow's feet become much more visible than before.

This treatment is available to all residents and visitors in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and UAE by Dr. Sherif Mattar Medical Center in Abu Dhabi

Dermal Filler Procedure:

Dermal fillers are a natural or synthetic derived substance that is injected directly into the top layer of the skin to plump up the applied area until the wrinkles have diminished or completely dissapeared.

How Long do Dermal Fillers Last?

The lasting period of Dermal Fillers completely depends on the type of filler that is used.The effects of Dermal Fillers usually lasts from four to six months only.

What are Dermal Fillers Used for?

- To plump thin lips

- Soften and reduce wrinkles and other facial creases

- Filling out hollows under the eye area that caused by depression

- Adding volume and smoothing out skin of the face and hand

Where to get Dermal Fillers in Abu Dhabi?

Dr. Sherif Mattar Medical Centre in Abu Dhabi provides the best Dermal Filler Treatment in Abu Dhabi. By providing an excellent package for wrinkle filler, lip filler, cheek filler and other facial filler treatments, Dr Sherif Mattar Medical Centre constantly aims at offering the best and most practical solution to our customers. We provide the best affordability and quality by helping you benefit from the carious skin care and skin rejuvenation treatments on offer.
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