Cosmetic Dentistry and Restorations: Fillings Treatment in Abu Dhabi- SMMC

Composite restorations or colored fillings are dental restorations designed to give a natural appearance to your decayed, chipped or broken teeth. They blend well with the teeth and appear more natural than amalgam fillings, which are darker and more easily seen by other people. Composite fillings are made of ceramic and plastic compounds that chemically bond to the teeth.

The advancements in dental technology and the composition of composite fillings have made it possible for Dr.Mariham at Dr Sherif Mattar Medical Center to also use tooth-colored fillings on molars, which receive more wear than other teeth. This technology is used by our dentists to treat closest to the front of the mouth as they are noticeable when you smile.

These cosmetic restorations give you an instant natural look after the treatment. Schedule your appointment with us at the given contact details.

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